Zen Digital at Digital Assembly 2013

Valérie & Commission VP Neelie Kroes

The Digital Agenda Assembly 2013, organised by the Irish Presidency of the European Council and the Digital Agenda for Europe, took place in Dublin, Ireland on 19-20 June.  Consistent with our mission of “Bridging the Gender Gap and the Digital Divide,” Zen Digital Europe contributed very actively to every day of the event.

  • 18 June – Pre-DAA Event: “Ground-breaking Policies for Future Societies”
  • 19 June – DAA Workshop on “The Grand Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs”
  • 20 June – DAA Plenary on “Digital Mindset”

Intense Brainstorming on “Digital Equality”

On 18 June, Zen Digital Founder, Cheryl Miller, facilitated a workshop on Digital Equality at the Ground-breaking Policies for Future Societies event organized by DG Connect’s online platform Futurium.  Final conclusions from this popular workshop, including the importance of ensuring a “free and open Internet” in order to promote digital equality in the future, may be viewed in the video here.

Cheryl Presents "Digital Woman" Award to VP Neelie Kroes

On 19 June, Cheryl and Zen Digital Europe board members Mercedes Diaz Sanchez and Valérie Kinoo contributed to the “Awareness Building” segment of the Digital Agenda Assembly workshop on The Grand Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs.

In the context of this workshop, Cheryl presented Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes with a pledge to carry out three awards promoting increased participation of women and girls in digitally-enabled and digitally-driven sectors.  Cheryl made the pledge on behalf of a Zen Digital-led partnership with CEPIS, DIGITALEUROPE, ECWT, and EUSchoolNet, four European organisations with a strong track-record of promoting girls and women in ICT.

Digital Woman Award

VP Kroes said the Awards are the “tip of a tsunami” in encouraging more girls and women into digital studies and careers in Europe, and she enthusiastically agreed to present the first winners of the Awards at the ICT 2013 conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on 6-8 November 2013.

Mer Getting into her "Digital Mindset"

Mercedes Diaz Getting into her “Digital Mindset”

On 20 June, Zen Digital Europe board member and Young Adviser to VP Kroes, Mercedes Diaz, spoke to a 500-strong audience at the Digital Assembly plenary as part of a panel on “Digital Mindset”.

Mercedes Diaz at Digital Agenda Plenary on "Digital Mindset"

Mercedes Diaz at Digital Agenda Plenary on “Digital Mindset”

Mercedes underscored the importance of getting more women and girls engaged in the digital economy, particularly as entrepreneurs, where she mentioned our Zen Digital work promoting a more feminine growth model for Europe’s economy.

Cheryl Calls for Show of Support for More "Women in ICT"

Spurred by a question from Cheryl, the male audience members of the plenary later made a spontaneous show of support for getting more women into ICT, clearly a benchmark moment for all the Digital Agenda Assemblies.

Stay tuned here for more content coming from our DAA participation and in the meantime, click here to see our @ZenDigitalEU tweets from the Digital Assembly 2013!