Every Girl and Woman Digital

Every Girl and Woman Digital


On 8 March 2013, in honor of the 102nd celebration of International Women’s Day, Women2020 launch attendees enjoyed the global premiere of a European Commission video featuring VP of the Digital Agenda for Europe Neelie Kroes in a cameo role to get “every girl digital.” This video premiere and Commission VP Kroes’s blogpost for the day kicked off a series of activities leading up to celebration of this year’s “Girls in ICT” Day taking place on 25 April in Brussels.


In honor of this second anniversary of International Girls in ICT Day, Zen Digital Europe has been selected by the European Commission to organise two online campaigns promoting the increased role of women in ICT and to get more European girls “digital“.  Through our Women2020 and DigitalMuse.org initaitives, we will also be carrying out  activities on the day itself, including a Women2020 Breakfast on the topic of “Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for Smart Growth”, and a day of DigitalMuse.org workshops teaching young girls and boys digital music and DJ-ing through discovering “The Technology behind Digital Music”.

Digital Music and Video-making Workshop

The Brussels Girls in ICT Day activities this year are organised by the United Nations ITU, the European Commission DG Connect and EU Parliament, and will also include a networking lunch at the EU Parliament and an evening reception hosted by the European Centre of Women and Technology, for whom Zen Digital is Belgian contact point.  As a highlight of the day, Vice President Kroes will speak at a European Parliament hearing on the topic of “Women in ICT,” and through our online campaigns we are looking forward to your collaboration in order to crowdsource VP Kroes’s key messages of the day.

To learn more and get involved in the Girls in ICT Day activities in Brussels on 25 April, please contact us or follow the links below:

DG Connect Girls in ICT Day Event Website

“Every Girl Digital” Campaign:

“Every Woman Digital” Campaign:

Women2020 “Women in STEM for Smart Growth” Breakfast

DigitalMuse.org “The Technology behind Digital Music” Workshop