bridging the gender gap & the digital divide

Who We Are

Zen Digital Europe, founded in 2008, is a consultancy focusing on gender and sustainability challenges that promotes STEM education, innovation and inclusion to achieve the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe,  Europe 2020, and the wider vision of the European Knowledge Society.

The Zen Digital Europe Board of Directors is a unique group of talented individuals representing a cross-section of industry and functional expertise.

Zen Digital Europe is the Belgian contact point for the European Centre for Women and Technology.


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What We Do

Zen Digital Europe is a European leader in developing and deploying initiatives that promote the contribution of women and girls to achieiving the Europe 2020 vision of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.  We carry out events that create awareness and interest in STE(A)M studies and careers for girls of all ages, consult on initiatives that broaden the access of girls and women to innovation-led sectors and enterprise, and actively demonstrate the value of a feminine business model for achieving sustainable growth.

Please consult the below links to learn more about Zen Digital Europe initiatives:

Please contact us for consulting opportunities related to diversity, gender, youth, education, employment and entrepreneurship in STE(A)M and ICT sectors.

*STE(A)M:  Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art) and Mathematics

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